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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Form Generation meets Analytics

Testimonials: World Pub

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“When I went out on my own… ITS made the systems process very easy. They were there… thru ABI certification, and continue to be a valued partner today. If you are looking for a software vendor who cares about your business, you should look to ITS.”  – World Pub

Testimonials: Morrison Express

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“ITS has been a valued partner for more than 16 years; ITS has helped keep us at the leading edge of technology, and ensured we have been able to meet our IT challenges within our Customs Brokerage and AMS departments (Domestic & Asia).” – Morrison Express

Testimonials: HW Robinson

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 “Just wanted you to know how happy we are with ITS throughout this hurricane. I see many Customs brokers flipping out because they are not able to transmit, with us it was business as usual thanks to your help…” – HW Robinson

Testimonials: Riley Sherman

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“What can I say, we can always reach someone at ITS when there is an issue. They’re always there!!”  – Riley Sherman

Testimonials: Andina

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“I have used MANY different systems for ABI and have also been directly involved with programming and developing systems for some companies and truly feel that ITS has a product far above the others!” – Andina

Testimonials: Mary Fong

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“I just want to let you know how much time you save me on my FDA clearances. We now are spending at least 70% less time to do the FDA.”  – Mary Fong

Testimonials: Fritz Maritime Agencies

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“We have been extremely satisfied with the Ocean AMS program, the service and the continued support from the technical department.” – Fritz Maritime Agencies

Testimonial: Golden Gobe

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“ITS has provided us with great software and software support for over 21 years…as a business owner, it is reassuring to know, that I can trust with 100% certainty, that when I need IT support, ITS is always there.”  – Golden Gobe

ITS Brokerage

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Speed, reliability and ease of use are key benefits to the ITS brokerage system. The ITS Import module is 100% ABI/ACE compatible and conforms to all U.S. Customs regulations. Validation of data occurs on the “fly” and you can perform a lookup of data on every field that has a table, saving valuable time to get your shipments cleared. Results come back in seconds and all information is displayed in easy to understand reports to help managers and operators make decisions about shipments very quickly.

Download the Data Product Sheet

ITS Export

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The ITS Export for module enables the preparation of master airway (ocean master) bills and house airway (ocean) bills, as well as easy generation of all your required forms making you more efficient. But the real value is having the module calculate your profit splits on each consolidation, printing the Foreign Agent invoices, having your own tariff schedule, full tracking of shipments and updating your books automatically.

Download the Data Product Sheet